Integration Through Education

KAUSA is your local office informing you about all questions regarding the Dual Education System. Together we analyze your skills and knowledge. Subsequently, we inform you about your education and career perspectives in the region of Leipzig and offer you support in finding a suitable company for your vocational education.


Educational System Germany

We inform you about the structure of the German vocational training system. In case you already graduated from school or acquired a professional qualification in your home country, we advise you about the possibilities of the recognition of your certificates in Germany.


Vocational Training

In Germany, a great number of professions can be acquired without an academic education at the university. The vocational training almost always takes place in companies. Currently, young adolescents in Germany can choose between more than 300 apprenticeable professions.


We provide support to everybody with migratory background - employers, adolescents, parents and other adults - regarding professional education and career development. Our goal is to clarify for you how you can benefit from the dual education system.


We assist you in starting your career by:

  • informing you about outlines of different professions and regional education opportunities
  • organization of internships
  • job application and interview training
  • placement in a vocational training company
  • supervision during the vocation education
  • providing contact persons in case you experience problems during your educational training








Support In Everyday Life

Certainly, we also provide you with support when you experience personal problems. We are convinced that we are able to identify the right contact person for almost any of your problems due to our dense network of contacts.